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Expat Info Desk can offer advertisers looking at the expatriate market several opportunities for targeting all aspects of an ex-pat (or spouse’s) journey. From general research about becoming an expat to detailed information about living in any of the cities featured in our 31 city guides, we can tailor a solution to suit you. We are always adding content and our site currently has over 6000 registered users. The site traffic as of July 2023 is running at approx. 41,000 unique users per month. Our website is featured around the web at very high levels and has an enormous following and established content that goes back many years.

Banner Advertising for Expats & Global Nomads

Expat Info Desk has four banner spaces available on its website:

  1. Top banner  – $700 USD or 630 Euro per month on the home page
  2. Side banner – 300 x 250 pixels – $350 USD or 320 Euro per month on the home page
  3. Bottom banner – $400 USD or 360 Euro per month on the home page
  4. Select page banner – 300 x 250 pixels – $300 USD or 270 Euro per month

Please contact us to learn more or if you have any ideas about advertisement design.

Expat Directory Listing

The directory is aimed at providing extensive listings of expat products and services that can assist people who are living abroad to get the most out of their lives overseas.

Companies that meet one of the following criteria are invited to list their products or services in our directory:

  1. They serve the expat or global nomad community with products or services that are aimed at assisting individuals in transitioning to life overseas and enjoy a happy and comfortable life while they are living abroad.
  2. Expatriate entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to share details of their business with the larger expat & global citizen community.

There is an annual charge of $300 USD  or 270 Euro to list in our Expat Directory, and companies who list their businesses in our directory will be provided with an opportunity to describe their products or services and add complete contact information, logo and links. Note that your links will be listed with Google as a sponsored post.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be listed as we use a strict inclusion criterion that ensures that all listings in our directory are relevant to an expatriate audience and can offer value to their lives overseas. No adult, misleading or hurtful content or links are allowed.

Further Information on Advertising to Expats

If you would like your business, product or service to be advertised or listed on our website or would like further information, please email Note that we do not reply to emails from for links and will block your email and add it to the spam registry if you send us a link or advertising request from a Gmail address. 

Note that for businesses based in Canada, a 7% GST tax will be applied to invoices. Payment is via or bank wire.

Advertising Agreement

Note that all advertising is subject to the ExpatInfoDesk Advertising Agreement

Please read it carefully. Note that the above rates are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right not to allow an advertisement or article for any reason.