We currently have two different services available for corporate customers.

Expat Info Desk White Label Program

Expat Info Desk White Label is a program designed for corporate customers, such as relocation agencies and international movers, who want to offer customers access to comprehensive relocation guides under their own brand.

The program offers you an opportunity to create your own branded relocation guide website – powered by us – which lets you deliver the latest information guides to your customers with your own corporate image. The Expat Info Desk White Label Program offers total maintenance and because it’s a hosted service, when we make improvements to our guides or update them with the latest information, you will get all updates automatically.

The innovative white label solution is offered on an annual contract basis and includes the interface, maintenance, all published guides and updates. We can also produce additional guides at an extra cost.

Advantages of the White Label Program:

  • Ideal for enhancing your own brand and positioning yourselves as a leader in relocation information.
  • A great opportunity to build a reliable information source for your customers through regularly updated content.
  • Provision of integrated advertising space on guide pages that can be used to further inform your customer of your products and services and can be an ideal place to sell value added services.
  • Full site support and maintenance will help you to ensure that your customers get the most from each relocation guide.

To fully understand how this opportunity can benefit your business and customers please feel free to contact info@expatinfodesk.com for further information. He will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail and assist you to identify how the Expat Info Desk White Label program can benefit your business.

Expat Info Desk Corporate Partnership Program

The Expat Info Desk Corporate Partnership Program is designed to support corporate customers who wish to take advantage of Expat Info Desk’s vast information resource, inclusive of guide updates.

Under the scheme, access codes to the Expat Info Desk city guides will be provided to our corporate customers, who will then be invoiced on a monthly basis according to the number of access codes used. A generous volume-based discount will be applied.

Under the Corporate Partnership Program the guide and website branding will remain with Expat Info Desk.

Advantages of the Partnership Program:

  • Utilize our expertise and strong network of expat writers to provide a value added service that can really benefit your customers.
  • Leave us with the responsibility and cost of generating and updating comprehensive city guides while you concentrate on what you do best.
  • Have a full suite of guides at your disposal for use when and if your customers need them without having the expense of commissioning them all yourself. Only pay for what your customers actually use.

For further information on our Corporate Partnership Program please contact info@expatinfodesk.com.