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Moving abroad is a major endeavour for anyone, especially expats and global nomads. One of the biggest decisions you and your family will make before moving abroad or even after you move abroad is sourcing a moving company to move your possessions (stuff) from one country to another. You want to make sure whatever you move gets to its destination in one piece for a reasonable cost. The cost of the move may be paid for and arranged by your expat employer or you may be arranging everything yourself. This page is designed to provide you with some useful tips for international moving and choosing an international mover. It also provides some great resources and moving affiliate partners that we have arranged for expats on the move.

Choosing an International Moving Company

There are cost and quality considerations when choosing a moving company. Here are just a few things that expatriates should consider before choosing an international moving company:

  1. Look for experience and global capabilities
  2. Ask for recommendations & credentials
  3. Start the international moving company search early
  4. Get quotes from 2 or more providers, but don’t necessarily go with the cheapest quote
  5. Get all your documents in order well before you move abroad
  6. Ask if your expat employer will pay for the move

Expatriate Moving Provider – Eurosender

Book your dedicated van in only two minutes. Eurosender offers safe and affordable expat relocation solutions for people moving abroad for a job, volunteering, travelling, or any other reason. Get free quotes with the most reliable couriers and save on costs when moving overseas.

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Reasons to Use Eurosender

What is included in Eurosender relocation and removals services?

  • Customized relocation solution adapted to your needs
  • Real-time support from logistics experts from booking to delivery
  • Get in touch with the courier
  • A Driver at any time
  • Insurance of your belongings already included in the price

When can you book Eurosendser international relocation services?

House removals

  • Moving abroad: offers safe and affordable expat relocation solutions for people moving abroad for a job, for volunteering, travelling, or any other reason.
  • Student removals: least expensive way to move belongings overseas when studying abroad. Ship your personal items directly to your dorm or university.

Commercial removals

  • Office relocations: need help moving your company to another city or country? They can organise efficient office relocations in Europe and overseas.
  • Job relocation package: Let Eurosender arrange fast and secure transportation of personal belongings, household goods and furniture at reduced rates for your employees.


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