Expatriate Relocation Guide Content Information

Each expatriate international relocation guide contains indispensable destination-specific information that covers all practical aspects of moving overseas.

For each of our guides, you can read a preview, enabling you to review all the topics we cover and get an idea for the depth of content our guides offer. For example here are links through to the previews of our recently updated LondonShanghai and Houston expat guides.

Topics include the following:

Expat accommodation

Full and comprehensive details of popular residential areas together with tips about local property laws, purchasing versus renting, contact details for estate agents, lawyers and removal companies, tips on negotiating a contract for expat accommodation and insider information on common pitfalls and how you can avoid them.

Legal requirements

Essential know-how about moving overseas, from visa regulations, resident permits and ID cards, through to tax and banking requirements. We provide guidance on tackling the red tape and arm you with all the facts and information you need to make your international relocation stress free.

Education and child care

Complete information about schools, nurseries and kindergartens, learning facilities and colleges and universities, together with advice about educational and child care standards and requirements. The Expat Info Desk international relocation guide provides all the practical information any expat could need to make informed decisions about the care and education of their children.


The Expat Info Desk expat relocation guide contains full information about public transport offerings, ticket purchase processes, timetable access and reliability information, as well as practical advice about using taxis, driving license requirements and purchasing a car.

Keeping in touch when moving overseas

Everything you need to know about finding and selecting service providers when moving overseas. We provide contact details for mobile phone, fixed telephone lines and Internet providers, together with details of the prices you can expect to pay and how you can secure the best deals. We also share information about television, radio and newspapers and tell you how you access them and the type of service you can expect.


Detailed shopping directories that contain contact details and addresses for all types of purchases. From supermarkets, clothes and beauty products through to furniture, stationary supplies and antiques, everything you need to know to enjoy your life as an expat overseas is in this single international relocation guide.

Entertainment and leisure

Comprehensive insights into how to make the most of your time in your chosen city. The Expat Info Desk international relocation guide points you in the right direction to find restaurants, bars, clubs, nightlife and popular destinations where you can meet like-minded people and form strong social networks. For those who prefer the quieter life, we also provide full details of popular trails, parks, beaches and sporting venues, together with information about how to get there and when to go. Each relocation guide also contains insider advice on expat networking opportunities in the city, together with contact information for expat groups, business organizations and private clubs.

Health and Beauty

Each relocation guide contains full listings of health and beauty providers including fitness centers, sports clubs, beauty salons and hairdressers.

Culture and customs

In-depth insights into languages, religions, traditions and cultural customs that can help you to prepare for moving overseas and assist you to avoid any cultural traps that may offend.

Living cost comparison

Detailed living cost comparison across different types of lifestyles and living options. Because each international relocation guide is written by an expat who lives and works in the countries themselves, you can be assured that the information is accurate.

All advice and information provided within the Expat Info Desk relocation guide is completely independent. We do not accept advertising or payment of any kind in return for positive coverage. We only list those companies and suppliers that we know will be the best contacts for you when you are moving overseas.