Monthly Expat Events : South America

A round up of some of the monthly expat events that take place throughout South America.

Chile: British International Group (BIG)
This expat group is based in Santiago and aimed at English speaking expats who live throughout the area. The group organize social events on a regular basis. For further information please contact the President, Louise Campbell at the following email address:

Chilie: Canadian Association of Chile
An English-speaking social and charity organization that meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Marriott Hotel in Santiago. The group is comprised of Canadians, other international expatriates, and Chileans who meet on a social basis in Santiago to share experiences. The organization is also strongly focused on fund-raising and charitable work in the community.
Further details can be found on the group’s website at

Chilie: American Association of Chile
An English-speaking social and charity organization that meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Hyatt Hotel, Santiago. For further details contact

Chilie: International Professional Women’s Association
This is an English-speaking expat group that is aimed at allowing women from different professional backgrounds to meet and network with one another. IPWA is a non-profit organization and organizes a number of activities including presentations and guest speakers as well as social events. The group meets monthly in Santiago. Further details can be found on their website:

Rio de Janeiro: The International Newcomers Club (INC)
The INC is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals from the local and expatriate English-speaking communities. They aim to provide opportunities for expats to network with one another and share experiences as well as implementing community development projects that can assist the local community. They hold social events throughout Rio on a regular basis. For more information see:

Rio de Janeiro: The British and Commonwealth Society (BCS)
The BCS is a focal point for expatriates who have links with, or an interest in, Britain and its commonwealth countries. The group organizes regular social and charitable events as well as offering valuable advice about living in Rio as an expat. Further information can be found on their website:

Rio de Janeiro: The American Society
The American Society is a non-profit association that aims to create an environment where expats can celebrate American heritage and culture. The group runs a number of social events throughout the year as well as implementing a cross-cultural relationship building initiative that aims to contribute to the Rio de Janeiro community through social, educational, and charitable activities. For more information please look at:

Mexico: The MEXPAT
The MEXPAT is a large and popular expat event that is held across three of Mexico’s cities; Monterrey, Cuernavaca and Mexico City on different nights of the month. Large groups of people attend the events, which are held at bars and restaurants throughout the three cities. Details of the time and location of the next Mexpat event can be found at

Mexico: The British Society
The British Society is an expat group that is primarily aimed at Brits living in Mexico. The group meets for lunch on the first Saturday of every month at 1.00 p.m at Mannix Restaurant in Ajijic. Contact Alicia McNiff at

If there is any monthly expat events that you are aware of that takes place in South America please contact us.

David Tompkins
Author: David Tompkins